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Team Teach

An accredited training programme that focuses on positive behaviour support approaches

Team Teach is a BILD accredited behaviour support training programme which teaches positive handling strategies for responding to and managing challenging behaviours. Team-Teach training is suitable for teachers and teaching assistants wanting to improve their situation management through risk and restraint reduction, and to increase staff confidence and competence, whilst promoting and protecting positive relationships.

Team Teach teaches participants how to recognise and understand the reasons behind challenging behaviours. Such understanding helps educators de-escalate situations, learning how to have self-restraint, developing skills in positive listening and learning, and discovering strategies to reduce the need for restraint or manual handling. For situations where manual handling cannot be avoided, the Team Teach course also teaches how to use minimum force for the shortest time, how to prevent injury, pain and distress, and how to maintain dignity for all parties.

  • Team Teach training has received the highest level of UK training award: a National Training Award.
  • Team Team is recognised as the leading strategy for de-escalation techniques
  • Most UK schools welcome candidates who have undertaken Team Teach training

Who should do a Team Teach course?

We think everyone should complete a Team Teach course. Team Teach training helps you build confidence, improve teamwork, and improve your communication skills.

Most SEN services will insist on all staff being Team Teach trained. Team Team encourages everyone to understand why a behaviour is happening before having to resort to restraint.

Children with some special needs – such as emotional difficulties, behavioural difficulties, or autism – are more likely to be aggressive that others. Schools need to make risk assessments for these children, and to make sure the staff working with them are fully aware of the risks, and trained in how to handle them.

What will I learn during the Team Teach course?

Team Teach is not a quick fix behaviour management course. Such courses, which only seek to control behaviour, rather than understand its meaning, are likely to prevent the affected children from making the most of their potential.

Team Teach course participants are taught there very important words: Reasonable, Proportionate, and Necessary. They learn to keep these words top of mind whenever they must react to a student’s behaviour.

Amongst other learning activities, a Team Teach course involves activities whereby participants work in groups to discuss how they would want their own children or loved ones treated, and how the would de-escalate certain situations. They analyse their own stance, voice and presence in the classroom, and discover how that can be used in de-escalation techniques.

Participants learns how to get out of holds safely, and how to move children away from difficult situations calmly, maintaining dignity.

If Team Teach participants are having to restrain in SEN or mainstream settings, they are taught correct handling techniques whilst following strict guidelines, to ensure they prevent injury, pain and distress, and that they maintain everyone’s dignity at all times.

Team Teach participants also learn from one another, by sharing best practice.

How long does the Team Team course take?

Our Team Teach course takes two consecutive days to complete.

When can I do a Team Teach course?

Manchester – 23 & 24 October 2018 Book a place now

What do participants say about the Team Teach course?

I just wanted to send a thank you and all of your team (Mark, Becca and Steph) for such a fantastic Team Teach course yesterday and today. I cant tell you how much I learnt over the two days and how my confidence has really grown in my understanding of self restraint and appropriate physical restraint too.
I truly believe that the skills and knowledge that Steph and Becca have taught me will enable me to confidently make the move into the SEN, PRU and EBD sector of education. I also feel that the theory we were taught throughout the course really underpinned all of the physical aspects perfectly, such as the holds and restraints.
All in all, I just wanted to thank you and your team for giving me the opportunity to participate and improve my own professional development but to let you know that I will be speaking highly of your team when I recommend the Team Teach course with yourselves at Supply Desk to others.
Thanks again to Becca and Steph for their fantastic, interactive, hands-on approach!

Amy Hooton, Teach Teach participant, 2017

The course was absolutely fantastic. Steph and Becca were warm, friendly, encouraging and professional. I love how the course is universal in the fact that everybody sticks to a script to support each other as well as using non verbal signals. Working as a small group (10 in total) was lovely as it meant we could all experience the holds and manoeuvres from all perspectives.

Having had a break from the classroom and a crash in confidence, the Team Teach course was a fantastic (and much needed) boost and I now feel more confident in implementing the classroom management/de-escalating techniques taught.

Thanks again to Steph and Becca for their amazing teaching, demonstrations and support. Team Teach is a wonderful programme that does not discriminate against ability…you don’t have to be built like a rugby player to confidently apply the techniques! EVERY educational practitioner should be Team Teach trained and it should be a compulsory unit of teacher/TA training. I will definitely be booking myself onto refresher courses in the future.

Sophie Fletcher, Team Teach course participant, 2016