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Refer a Friend Programme: Terms & Conditions


This ‘refer a friend’ scheme is being run by Supply Desk Limited (“Supply Desk” “us” or “we”). We are continually searching for teachers and support staff for both short and long term positions with schools, academies and colleges nationwide.  If you know a great teacher or teaching assistant who is looking for day to day or long term supply positions in schools, encourage them to register with Supply Desk and we will pay to you £100 (the “Reward”) on the following terms:

  1. You are not employed by, or otherwise affiliated with, a school, academy, local authority or college, or a recruitment agency or business. You must be acting in your own personal capacity and not on behalf, or as a representative, of any other person or organisation;
  2. You must complete the referral form, giving us the details of the friend that you are referring to us;
  3. The friend that you are referring must not already be on our database;
  4. You must have obtained your friend’s consent to supply his or her information to us;
  5. Where the same person is referred to us by two or more people, then only the person from whom we received the details first will be eligible for the Reward;
  6. The Reward is conditional upon:
    • A) your friend being cleared to work for Supply Desk by our Compliance Department; and
    • B) your friend carrying out 5 full days of work in a school or schools through Supply Desk.

7. To be eligible for the Reward, you must supply your bank details to us, to enable payment;

8. The Reward will be paid, after satisfaction of the above conditions, direct into your bank account (subject to any necessary deductions in respect of PAYE and NI);

9. This scheme can be withdrawn or amended at any time at the absolute discretion of Supply Desk.

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