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Supply Desk Sends Easter Eggs to Africa

Eggs for Africa. Supply Desk are sending eggs (and chickens) to Africa with every Trial Day or Interview booked before Easter.

This year, instead of celebrating Easter with chocolate eggs, Supply Desk are sending real eggs to Africa. Every Trial Day or Interview booked with Supply Desk before Easter will count towards a charity donation by the company.

Chickens can produce up to 200 eggs a year. This provides healthy, high protein food and a vital source of income for some of the poorest children and families in the world. Chickens are easy to keep, take up little space and selling their eggs can help support developing communities.

Send a Cow Gifts, are a UK registered charity providing solutions to help people in Africa raise themselves out of poverty. Sending a chicken to Africa with the charity requires a donation of £8.

Every Trial Day or Interview booked with Supply Desk before March 30th, will count towards our donation to Send A Cow Gifts.

Supply Desk’s Trial Days offer schools the flexibility to ‘road-test’ one of our top quality, highly vetted candidates at no cost. Allowing the school to see how the candidate fits into their culture before making a permanent appointment.

For more information, or to book a trial day/interview, contact your local Supply Desk consultant today. Click here for branch contact details.

Let’s see how many chickens we can send!