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Citizenship, World & Welfare Workshops

We offer wide range of Citizenship, World & Welfare Workshops. Workshops are suitable for primary school and secondary school students.

C+W Workshop 1: Coach yourself to Success!

Suitable for: Years 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9

This coaching session aims to support pupils to gain an insight into how their brains work, the best ways of learning and memorising, and how to identify, plan and set themselves manageable and achievable targets. Brainstorming, spider diagrams, colour coding, advice on how to organise their learning whatever their learning style.

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C+W Workshop 2: Think, Discuss, Justify, Reflect: Introducing Philosophy for Children

Suitable for: Key Stage 2 and 3. Can be adapted to Key Stage 1

Get the discussion juices flowing! In their own spaces pupils learn to listen and speak following a story which raises questions. There are not any ”right” answers, just some really good questions.

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C+W Workshop 3: Promoting self esteem

Suitable for: Key Stage 1 and 2

Great for pupils’ who lack confidence, quieter pupils and poor attenders, those with behavioural problems who literally need to engage again with themselves and others. This half day workshop filled with fun activities and games to promote a positive self- image to primary age children. A variety of activities to suit all learning styles such as drama, puppet’s, art, circle time, parachute games and talking tools.

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C+W Workshop 4: Running your own business at a profit

Suitable for: KS3, KS4 and KS5

This workshop would outline the process of becoming a sole trader, including:

  • Exploring ideas for a business
  • Researching the market
  • Constructing a business plan
  • Building (and keeping) a client base
  • Managing cash flow
  • Generating orders by advertising, cold calling, etc.
  • Organising workload and meeting deadlines
  • Productivity and quality control

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C+W Workshop 5: Team Building

Suitable for: Young people 13 years plus already thinking about further education or employment options and individuals who may need these skills developed to ensure they achieve future goals

This workshop covers essential information including :

  • Understanding the characteristics of good team working
  • Understanding and demonstrating own strengths and role within a team
  • Being able to recognise and value the contributions made by others in a team
  • Being able to participate in a team
  • Understanding and demonstrating how good communication is essential in a team

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C+W Workshop 6: Guilty or Not Guilty?

Suitable for: Y9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

Are they Guilty or not Guilty?! Students will be given a brief lecture on the law of murder and will complete a Kahoot! Quiz to test their knowledge. Now time to put their Deerstalkers on…. someone has been killed, there are witness statements and ‘evidence’ (cigarette butt, shoe print, bloody weapon). Divided into defence and prosecution our sleuthing teams will have to argue as to why they think the defendant is guilty or not guilty. Our Workshop Champion will then decide which team has delivered the strongest argument, and where the guilt lies!

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C+W Workshop 7: A Coppers’ Journey

Suitable for: Year 9 onwards

Our Workshop Champion has been in policing for 40 years – as a police constable, motorcyclist, control room call-handler and later an intelligence handler. He will open up the fascinating history of local policing – unpaid constables, highwaymen, and the ‘shire reeve’, and his own personal motivations to become a ‘copper’ in 1973 and what it was like – revealing some comic and tragic experiences.

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C+W Workshop 8: Radio for Schools

Suitable for: Years 3 – 13

The power of radio as a fun educational tool! These workshops are tailored to your students’ needs in terms of subject matter. Historical topics can be re-told in an entertaining documentary format. Stories brought to life as scripted radio dramas, or even make a radio show in a day, with music, features and news content. This Workshop aims to open up radio as the exciting and dynamic medium that it is!

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C+W Workshop 9: Life working & living abroad in the Travel & Tourism Industry

Suitable for: KS4

So what is it like to leave home and discover different countries, cultures and religions? Explore adapting to different cultures and religions, coping with home sickness and adaptation to a new way of life. Our Workshop Champion worked overseas for 7 years and has been impacted by global and political issues while overseas which inspire her now. So too hot? Too cold? Poorly? Lost? Pupils reach and delve into other worlds.

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C+W Workshop 10: The American West

Suitable for: KS3

How the American West was first colonised by migrants from Asia about 15,000 years ago & then settled much later by more advanced migrants from Europe? Looking at major historical elements of westward expansion, including conflict between Anglo Americans, Mexicans and Native American tribes, pull and push factors behind westward migration, Texas becoming a republic and then 28th state, Texas Rangers, cattle drives and ranching, range wars, invention of barbed wire, railroad construction, Lewis & Clark Expedition, outlaws and law enforcement, roles of Samual Colt’s revolvers and Winchester repeating rifle, slaughter of buffalo herds, Indian fighting and Indian reservations, homesteading, Oklahoma Land Rush, Louisiana Purchase, and present day American West…. Bring the West alive!

Book Workshop

C+W Workshop 11: Your local area

Suitable for: Year 9 onwards

From rural beginnings and Vikings, through to Norman families and their naming of local sites, industrialisation and immigration from rural areas, industrial use of the river Tyne & Tees, and how it’s changed to cope, the coming of railways, their effect upon people movement, and their decline leaving old rail routes, expansion of housing and introduction of housing estates over last 150 years. This exciting Workshop will allow pupils to discover their area through different eyes!

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