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English & Drama Workshops

Workshop 1: A Play in a Day – an Expressive Arts extravaganza

Suitable for: Key Stages 2-4

This workshop is delivered by an experienced teacher of English, Drama and Theatre Studies. Learn to put on a play of a devised performance, compromising acting skills, examination of stimuli, creation of masks and costumes. Students also learn about backstage skills. Can work with currently studied themes within school.

Book Workshop

Workshop 2: Practical Shakespeare!

Suitable for: Key Stages 2 – 5

An opportunity for students to practically explore elements of a Shakespeare play. Exploration will cover elements of a specific text, as well as Shakespearean Theatre and historical context. Workshops will be wholly interactive and differentiated, including opportunities for students less inclined to performance to become involved in more backstage activities.

Book Workshop

Workshop 3: Drama: Environmental Responsibilities

Suitable for: Years 5-8

Explore the impact of dropping litter, smoking etc through the power of drama. By dividing into smaller groups, the pupils can discuss the topics and develop a written drama. Presenting the plays to each other the pupils decide which one is the “best” and then they go on to perform the play to others.

Book Workshop

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