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Music Workshops

Workshop 1: Siyahamba! South African style singing with movement

Suitable for: Primarily Key Stage 2 or 3; can be adapted for KS1

Learn all about South African singing with a brief introduction to South Africa, its languages and history. Watch an African children’s choir performing the songs, with movements. Get a feel of the rhythm and culture of this vibrant country, interpreting the harmonies and dance – bringing the music to life.

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Workshop 2: Jazz Improvisation

Suitable for: Years 5 & 6, Key Stage 3 and 4

Bring Improv Jazz to your school! Learn about improvisation over chords & play just by ear. Let the music flow and the Jazz really get the pupils feeling the music!

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Workshop 3: How to pass ABRSM Music Theory up to Grade 5

Suitable for: Year 6 and KS3 & KS4

Alternative Methods and formulae for learning the basics required to pass up to and including Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory – tricks of the trade!

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