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love to read

Pupil Progress Guaranteed. Introducing Love to Read, Supply Desk’s reading intervention programme proven increase pupil reading ages by up to 2 years.

Love to Read was developed to work in partnership with schools to overcome literacy difficulties that affect the life chances of children, young people and adults. The programme has helped to more than double the progress of struggling readers, boosting reading ages by 2 years over the course of just 10 weeks. Love to Read focuses on core aspects of literacy including comprehension, de-coding and vocabulary – whilst bolstering pupil confidence.

How does the Love to Read programme work?

  • Designed for Primary and Secondary pupils aged 6-15.
  • Typically, involves 20-minute sessions, twice a week.
  • Delivered by teaching assistants and teachers, provided by Supply Desk, who have been Love to Read trained.
  • Provides dedicated one-to-one reading support time for pupils who are behind in reading.
  • Enables readers to boost reading ages by up to 2-years, during the 10-week programme.

The Results

We measured the progress of the Love to Read pupils from our three pilot West Yorkshire schools, taking predicted levels before the 10-week course and comparing them with SATs results (Primary) and reading ages (Secondary) after the programme was complete.


  • 100% of pupils made progress
  • 93% made ‘expected standard’ or above
  • 40% achieved ‘greater depth’


  • 14 months average increase in reading age (Years 7- 9)
  • Many learners reading ages increased by 18+ months, notably in Year 8, where one learner’s reading age increased by 42 months in 10 weeks

Click the link below to download the full case study of the pilot programme we ran at Upper Batley High School, West Yorkshire (January to Easter 2018).

Love to Read Case Study PDF

What are the benefits of Love to Read for learners?

As well as significantly improving reading scores, Love to Read impacts pupils in other areas. After receiving the intervention, schools reported:

  • Increased confidence and behaviour
  • Increased Attendence
  • Increased engagement across the whole curriculum

What is the impact of Love to Read for schools?

Love to Read comes with a Pupil Progress Guarantee to accelerate progress, helping schools to:

  • Increase capacity to narrow the attainment gap in literacyLove to Read Guarantee
  • Raise pupil confidence & attainment in reading, allowing pupils to access the full curriculum
  • Provide individual and intensive tuition to pupils who need additional support with reading
  • Report improvement in behaviour, attendance and outcomes for disadvantaged pupils alongside improved reading age

“A wide range of impact has already been seen with the reading intervention project. Some children have had huge leaps with reading ages going up by 2 years in the space of a term.”  Sam Vickers, Headteacher, Upper Batley High School

“The confidence levels are through the roof! The kids have been showing accelerated progress, what everyone wants to see – closing the gap!” Chris Dyson, Headteacher, Parklands Primary School

Find out more

Supply Desk is committed to providing effective, evidence-based support for children, young learners and adults that can have a positive effect on their life chances. Love to Read programmes can be designed on a bespoke basis, to suit individual school needs. Contact us using the form below for more information on how the programme can boost pupil progress in your school.

“When Supply Desk offered us the Love to Read programme, I grabbed the opportunity straight away. To have someone dedicated to reading is something that ordinarily you wouldn’t have. I’ve got a lot more children involved and enjoying reading. We’ve had other pupils saying, “Can I be part of the reading project?” Hilary Towers-Islam, Headteacher, Field Lane J, I, N School

Interested in becoming a Love to Read tutor?

Whether you are an existing Teaching Assistant or not, click here for more information on our bespoke Love to Read training.

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