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Life after Teaching

Every year thousands of teachers make the often difficult decision to close the door to their classroom and leave this noble profession. Teachers leave teaching for a variety of reasons, some leave for a short period and then return, some leave for good.

Experienced classroom teachers possess a range of immensely valuable and transferrable skills, such as planning, public presenting, organisation, coaching, mentoring, and people and task management. They have the ability to think on their feet, to solve problems and identify solutions quickly and effectively. For teachers who still love education, but are in need of a change, there are a range of options available.

Supply Teaching

Supply Teaching is an obvious pathway for teachers who no longer wish to work in a permanent teaching role.

Unlike other agencies, at Supply Desk we support all of our Supply staff with ongoing training and professional development opportunities, to ensure all of our teachers and support staff have the skills and knowledge required to keep up with changes in the curriculum, classroom management and accepted best practise.

Tuition / learning support roles

Most teachers were drawn to the profession by a desire to help children of all abilities and social backgrounds reach their full potential. Many such teachers seek to lessen their workload but still want to make a difference in the lives of children in need. These teachers often switch to learning support roles.

At Supply Desk we have constant demand for a range of support staff positions including, amongst many others:

Teacher recruitment

Come and join us! At Supply Desk we believe that only educators can truly know what a teaching role involves, and are better qualified to ensure we can continue to match teachers to their ideal job and their ideal school, for the ultimate benefit of the students. That’s why our branch staff come from education backgrounds, they know the right questions to ask, they can recognise the right attributes, and they understand how different teaching philosophies really do impact

Join the Supply Desk team!

Jobs in the care industry

DBS cleared education staff, with their experience in nurturing young, sometimes difficult young people (not to mention managing difficult parents) are often ideally suited to working in the care and support industries. Our partner company, Nurse Plus, recognises the superior attributes, attitudes and skills of Supply Desk staff. They fast-track Supply Desk teachers and education support staff into care and support work for a range of clients, including elderly care homes, learning disability homes, mental health and child service providers. Many Supply Desk candidates choose to take on this type of work to supplement their incomes over the summer holidays, or as extra weekend work if they are saving for a large purchase such as a home-loan deposit or wedding. This can be a fantastic way to see if a career change is the right move for you, or perhaps you simply need to change teaching jobs!

Change locations

teach in kent countrysideSometimes a change of location is the best medicine to revive waning interest in teaching. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, moving to a teaching job in another part of the country, or even overseas, can be all the change you need to refresh your enthusiasm. One of the benefits of a career in teaching is the ease of finding a job in greener, grander or groovier parts of the country, or the wider world, and we can help you do just that!

With 17 branches across England and Wales, and an overseas recruitment team placing people in teaching roles in the Middle East, China and the USA, we can help you make the change you’re looking for. We relocate many teachers both nationally and internationally, and are able to give you useful advice about the best areas to live in dependent on your lifestyle, as well as the different schools in the area. Visit our Relocations page, or call the Supply Desk branch in the area you’re interested in and speak with one of our friendly team members about finding you the right job in the right location.

If you’re contemplating life after teaching, Supply Desk can help.

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